The sooner you will start working on yourself the sooner you will see results and achieve goals. No excuse is good enough to be unhealthy and unfit.

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About Us

Hi! We are mobile trainers based in Watford and we can travel to your home or any preferred location like a local park. Some of us have been with our current clients since we started on this journey and they have helped us as much as we have helped them. We hope to go on the same journey with you.

DCPTfit specialize in weight loss, building muscle and getting you fit, achieving and maintaining your goals. We bring all the equipment and plan the sessions with you so you don’t need to worry about anything and can just enjoy your workout!

What our clients say

Dean is a remarkable trainer! I was really anxious that I would not be able to keep it up but his dedication, patience, encouragement and lesson plans really make it fun and achievable. Within a short space of time my strength and stamina has dramatically improved and it’s all thanks to him. Super recommended!

Suma B.

Dean has been my Personal Trainer for the duration of 15 hourly sessions. He was as enthusiastic on my fitness levels as well as my weight loss. When I felt that I could go no further, he motivated and encouraged me to get back on track.Dean has made a real difference to my life where my weight loss and fitness have gained me the confidence which I lacked before I started my training with Dean. I would highly recommend Dean to anybody looking to achieve real results.


Dean is a calm enthusiastic and encouraging trainer. He knows when to push you a little harder in your training and how to keep you motivated . I would recommend him highly.

Sarah H.

I needed to improve my fitness and generally tone up. Dean has helped me achieve this through his sessions in the comfort of my own home. He keeps me motivated and helps me stay focussed. He is firm but yet fair. I enjoy my sessions especially as I can see and feel the difference it has made. 



One to One

Workouts focused on your personal goals in your own privacy and at your own pace.

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Couples Sessions

Train together and save money! Turning up with a friend can be fun and can keep you motivated

Personalized Sessions

It’s fun and full of energy and you make freinds along the way. Also if you have your own group, get in touch!



One to one






One to one (x10) 


Couple (x10) 


Indoors/outdoors. I bring all the equipment.


Boxfit is a cardiovascular workout with classes lasting between 45 mins to one hour. It is based on the training used for boxing so it includes skipping, boxing drills including footwork and abdominal workouts – all focusing on fitness and toning


High-intensity interval training, also called high-intensity intermittent exercise or sprint interval training, is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods


Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or endurance training or resistance training
using high-intensity. It targets strength building or muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit”
is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program


Not only does strength training increase your physical work capacity, it also improves your ability to perform activities of daily living. You will be able to work harder and longer with the proper weight training activities. It Increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles, and tendons. This leads to improved motor performance and decreased injury risk. It improves your quality of life as you gaining body confidence. Strength training will not only make you strong, but will also help with managing your weight.

Boot Camp

We run outdoor boot camps 2 to 3 times a week depending on the season. The sessions last 45 minutes and you can expect interval training which is one of the best ways to get fit, burn calories and blast body fat – fast. There will be a lot of running and/or sprinting (to your own ability level) and doing exercises like boxing, jumping, working with weights and also some fun exercise games.



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